Champions do daily what losers do occasionally. 


There are three things that separate someone who is successful from someone who is not. These three things are discipline, consistency and not giving excuses. Excuses are tools of the weak and incompetent, those who excel in them are seldom capable of anything else. Excuses are what prevent us from reaching our full potential. They may seem small at the moment but excuses add up pretty fast. The more excuses you give the further along you become from reaching your goal.

We all have goals in life that we would like to achieve. Writing these goals down and coming up with a plan are easy enough. I urge you to take it one step further. Be completely honest with yourself. Write down your biggest excuses, the reasons why you continuously don’t follow through on your goals. Take these excuses and terminate them. If you think one of these is a valid reason, find a resolution to overcome it. Stop making it easy for yourself to quit. Only through discipline do you have the capability to achieve your dreams. Refuse to be denied your destiny, especially at your own hands.

What you are going to be tomorrow, you are going to become today. It is essential to begin developing self-discipline in a small way today in order to be disciplined in a big way tomorrow. If living in New York City taught me anything it’s never let anything get in the way of your dreams.
While in Culinary School at the French Culinary Institute, I could not afford both rent and to take the subway to and from school. I knew that my dream was bigger than any excuse that I could give. I found a way to make it work. Every day I would leave my house 30 minutes early and walk to the subway. I would then ask people to swipe me onto the train. One day a homeless man swiped me on. While I was apprehensive about taking from someone who had less than me. I accepted his offer. I was never late to school. I always showed up with freshly pressed whites, never a stain. I didn’t own a washer or dryer. Everything was soaked in a bucket with oxiclean and bleach, air dried and ironed the night before. I volunteered at the James Beard House every chance that I had. I helped there 8 times while in school, eventually earning a Community Service Award at graduation. I did this the entire way through school until I landed my first job at NOBU. I then didn’t have to worry so much, but at the same time I developed a love for Muay Thai.

I began training consistently once school finished. I would train before work then rock out lunch. I had a one hour break between shifts so I would go run 2 miles along the Hudson after family meal, or study Japanese with the Sushi Chefs, then knock out dinner service. I registered for fight camps. I began to get serious and eventually began training two a day’s once I started my business.

While training I met and trained with some of the toughest guys that I know, like the one pictured, Codie Payne A.K.A. Kayo Codie. I followed his career from Muay Thai to his transition to MMA. One thing I can tell you this guy is, is consistent and dedicated, the true traits of a champion. I’ve seen Codie go through weight cuts, losses, wins, switch gyms, working full time while going through fight camp, anything a fighter typically faces he has been through. “Sacrifice is the operative word, I’ve given up so much in my life to just get a W. Anyone that knows me personally knows how bad I want this. It consumes my being.”-Codie Payne. The 5 years that I have known Codie I have never seen him give up, never gave excuses, continuously made improvements and continuously chased the dream and it is paying off.

Whatever your dreams and aspirations are in life, it is imperative that you put on those horse blinders and do not let anything get in the way. You must be bigger than your excuses. Stay focused, remain adaptable and push past adversity. Make and keep commitments to yourself, regardless of any obstacles that may get in your way. Any situation that you are facing is only temporary. Remain focused and continue chasing the dream!